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Gwatkin Cider
Within a family business set-up, Gwatkin Cider is a small brewing house based in Moorhampton Park Farm in Abbey Dore, Herefordshire. This sums up to also being the home of the brewing family that has a richly cider pear and apple endowed orchard. In addition to supporting livestock, the farm supplies the family with abundant cider apples and pears that are used in the making of these drink delicacies. The rolling hills in the Golden Valley and the heritage are associated with them characterizes the distinctiveness of this brand and remain a treasure and identity of the brewery and its consumers. The business also owns a local meat shop supplied by own sources. It also stocks the local farmers’ produce as a good will gesture.

The brewing process
The family uses traditional brewing expertise in the production of Gwatkin Cider. Relying on the local supply of cider apples and pears, the production process starts with selection of high quality apples and pears. After they are sorted and cleaned to perfection, the apples are then pulped and pressed using traditional pressing techniques that are flawless and highly controlled. The cider is then passed on to the fermentation stage where it is done locally and naturally. The family does not add any artificial colours or flavours. After the fermentation is complete, the process goes to blending. Blending is done in such a way that different flavours are realised and perfected.

Unique flavours
To cater for the large number and tastes of different consumers, Gwatkin Cider comes in different flavours. Among the most popular of these flavours include Kingston Black, Silly Ewe, Stoke Red Cider, Farmhouse Cider, Old Rats Tale, Squeal Pig and Yarlington Mill Cider and Perry. These flavours have clearly shown the brewing maturity and expertise of the brewer and have made it to become one of the leading and respected cider manufacturers in the region, the UK and beyond.

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