Gulder Lager 600ml
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Gulder Lager 600ml

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Gulder was introduced in 1970 as a strong flavoured beer. To emphasise its uniqueness, it was launched in a brown bottle with a unique label design. At that time, it was the only brown bottle lager, giving Gulder a different personality from other lagers in the market. Initial reactions were adverse as a result of the claims by some consumers that it gives headaches and hangovers due to its high alcohol content. Gulder was withdrawn, successfully reformulated and reintroduced in 1972. By October 1973, the brand was distributed nationally.


Nigerian beers by law are made with a portion of sorghum. A grant has been made to aid in the growing of sorghum which the brewer will buy as it lowers the proportion of malt in its product. This is the difference in formulation between Gulder Lager (Nigeria) and Gulder Lager (Ghana).
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