Guinness Dublin Porter
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Guinness Dublin Porter

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Guinness Dublin Porter’s history can be dated back to through a 1796 entry in the Guinness brewer’s diary.

Around the 1800’s, the porter was consider the working man’s beer for those working in Ireland and the United Kingdom. Luis Ortega, one of the brewers over at The Brewers Project, was inspired by the golden porter. The idea for the Guinness Dublin Porter came from Luis Ortega looking at porter recipes from different time periods and came up with an idea and product that was a new beer for a world with modern tastes.

Guinness Dublin Porter is a sweet and smooth porter that is ruby red in colour along with a frothy head which comes from the carbonation. The aroma gives hints of caramel mixed with elegant hops. The smell is followed by the taste which consists of malt and dark caramel tones with a smooth sweet mouth feel finish.

Our recommendation is that Guinness Dublin Porter is best served in a chilled beer glass.

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