Gruppo Campari

Gruppo Campari

Gruppo Campari began in 1860 with its release of their main product, Campari, a red aperitif beverage. However Campari first saw its creation in 1828 when its recipe was produced by its inventor Gaspare Campari.

In 1926 the Gruppo Campari Company went through a huge change when it dropped all of its products but two Campari bitter and Cordial Campari, with the aim to make these drinks one of the best known brands on the globe. Due to their dedication, the company went from strength to strength with it products now sold in an estimated 190 countries around the world.

In the 1990’s the world’s drink companies started to see a shift from independent companies to large global drink companies. It was at this point Gruppo Campari had a choice, remain true to its niche or become one of the large global drink companies. It was in 1995 that they began to see their drinks portfolio grow with the buying of Italian business, Dutch Group BolsWessanen, which saw the acquisition of products like Cynar.

The acquirement of other companies happened over several years. In 1998, they gained a minority holding of Skyy Spirits LLC (who produces SKYY Vodka in the USA), which saw them become the distributor of Campari products in the United States. In 1999 they gained Ouzo 12, the Greek spirit and also the Italian brand Cinzano. 2006 saw the buying of Glen Grant, allowing them to enter the Scotch whisky market, whilst 2014 saw them acquire Averna. These are just a handful of the companies which they now have in their portfolio, making them one of the world’s leading drinks companies.

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