Grahams 20 year old Tawny Port
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Grahams 20 year old Tawny Port

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Grahams Aged Tawny Ports are made from wines of the very highest quality which, following careful selection, are blended and subsequently matured in seasoned casks for a number of years until their peak of maturity is attained. These are among the most demanding and challenging styles of port to produce, requiring great skill and years of experience from the winemaker. It is essential to strike the correct balance between the delicacy and elegance which results from prolonged cask-ageing and the rich fruit quality which lends these old tawnies their structure, freshness and longevity.

Grahams Aged Tawny Ports show a characteristic nutty quality and delicious mature honeyed fruit, exquisitely mellowed by ageing in seasoned oak casks. In warmer weather, try serving lightly chilled this adds a new dimension of pleasure to these superb wines.


Grahams 20 Years Old represents superlative quality. Its principal attributes are great complexity and harmony. With an amber, golden tawny colour, denoting considerable age, Grahams 20 Years Old has an excellent bouquet, with a




characteristic nutty character (almonds) and delicious mature fruit with hints of orange peel, exquisitely mellowed by careful ageing. Rich, sweet and smooth on the palate, it is perfectly balanced, with a long and lingering finish. This is an excellent alternative to vintage port at less formal occasions and will keep for some weeks after opening.

Grahams 20 Years Old pairs extremely well with nuts, dried fruits and fruitcake, but is also delicious as an accompaniment to vanilla ice cream. Serve slightly chilled to appreciate the full complexity and sensuous pleasure of this wine.
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