Golden Pheasant (Zlaty Bazant)
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Golden Pheasant (Zlaty Bazant)

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Zlaty Bazant is not only the most popular beer brand, but also the most valuable Slovak brand at all. Moreover, it is the most exported or licence-produced Slovak beer. No other Slovak beer brand may be proud of more than a million hectolitres sold all over the world. Besides Slovakia, you can find it in such countries as the USA, Canada, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldavia, or Kazakhstan.

The proof of Zlaty Bazants exceptional quality is its winning the Golden Beer Crown 2006 award in the category of 12-grade beers. The prize was given by the Slovak Union of Beer and Malt Producers thus confirming that Zlaty Bazant is the best not only for consumers, but also for beer brewers all over Slovakia.


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