Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban
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Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

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Glenmorangie's Quinta Ruban is the darkest and most intense whisky being made by The Glenmorangie Company who are based in the United Kingdom.

Glenmorangie's Quinta Ruban is left to mature for 10 years in American white oak casks, which is followed by moving it to specially selected ruby port pipes that have come from Portugal. Maturing in these port pipes helps turn Glenmorangie's Quinta Ruban into a golden copper colour whisky with a complex mix of sweet and dry flavours along with smooth and crisp textures.

Due to this maturing method Glenmorangie's Quinta Ruban saw itself upgraded in 2010 with it now stating a 12 year old age where as no age was stated before.

While the golden colour is the first thing you see it’s the smell of dark mint chocolate, tangerines and Seville oranges with a spicy edge that really draws you into this whisky. As you might guess from the aroma, the main flavours coming are mint chocolate and Seville oranges which follow through the long lasting finish.

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