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Gentse Strop

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Gentse Strop is a blond Belgian speciality beer with high fermentation and bottle fermentation. It has a fruity aroma and subtle hopping. It owes its name to the proud people of Ghent, nicknamed slings carriers.


The beer is brewed by Brouwerij Roman, established in Mater, a borough of Oudenaard. Oudenaarde and Ghent have a rich history as a pivotal figure in common with Charles. The revolt of Ghent in 1540 against Charles V gave them their nickname slings carriers but Oudenaarde is also the birthplace of the illegitimate daughter of Charles, Margaret of Parma. And then theres the Oudenaardse figure Hanske Warrior who was the lookout but because he had drunk too much beer fell and sleep and so had not seen how Charles and his troops invaded the city of Oudenaarde.


As the icing on the cake, the historic year of 1545 was also the year that the Roman family brewery started.


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