Gaymers Cider

Gaymers Cider
Since 1770, Gaymers Cider has been in production and has continued to rule the cider market from the word go. Based in Shepton Mallet in Somerset Gaymers Cider Company is only 15 minutes from Glastonbury Festival Site and has been enjoying the highest reputation from happy consumers in the environs, the UK and beyond. This spans for generations and a century of brewing expertise and blending excellence. With its Stewley orchard in the heart of Somerset, the brewer has earned community respect and trust with its environmental programmes that have touched the hearts of many and contributed by giving back to the society. In this way, the brand has killed two birds with the same stone; quenching both the throats and the hearts of those who it makes encounters with.

The Production Process
The process of making Gaymers Cider is closely controlled and cross-checked for quality, potency, professionalism and hygiene. Using the same traditional cider making processes since it was started; Gaymers Cider Brewery has perfected the process by modernising and setting high quality controls and checks. The process starts with selecting best apple varieties that ensure a balanced and distinct flavour. Once thoroughly cleaned, the apples are pulped, pressed and filtered. In its quest to quench the thirst of its ever-wanting clientele, the resultant apple juice is immediately fermented or stabilised and stored to ensure consistent availability of fresh apple juice throughout the year. During fermentation, a distinct strain of yeast is added to make sure that there are no chances taken or compromise for quality.

The different flavours
Gaymers Cider comes in different and enticingly appealing flavours. The Brewery ensures that it provides every consumer with a taste that is consistent with his or her wishes. It also respects apple growing areas by producing county cider series depending on the county source of the apples with their distinctive flavours. Among the most popular flavours and brands include Gaymers Crisp Apple Cider, Juicy Pear Cider, and Juicy Pear with Raspberry, with Cherry& Apple as well as the various Gaymers Cider County Series.

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