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Galliano Vanilla

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In the making since 1896, Galliano is an Italian liqueur created from a selection of more than 30 herbs and spices such as juniper, star anise and of course vanilla, to produce a delicate and smooth flavour, fresh from six distillations and seven infusions. Galliano’s Vanilla is the produce of dedication to excellence in each step which is reflected in the quality of the liqueur.

It appears a warm yellow in colour with a green hue in its clarity. The aroma immediately releases the vanilla and sweet spices, with ginger and marzipan being the most notable. Well balanced on the palate, the vanilla liqueur does what it says on the tin, providing an assured vanilla taste and placing itself at the top of Italian greats.  Tradition leads this product with quality and authenticity to ensure it stands the test of time. Galliano Vanilla is commonly enjoyed in the classic cocktail, Harvey Wallbanger.

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