Frome Valley Apple Sweet Cider
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Frome Valley Apple Sweet Cider

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At Henney's we believe that the very best way to make cider is to start with high quality ingredients and to keep the process as simple as possible. This has helped us to win many prestigious awards in recent years. Each autumn, carefully selected, locally grown, varieties of genuine cider apples are milled, pressed and fermented. The resulting cider is then blended and stored through the winter allowing it to mature and develop a rich and mellow flavour. Our finished cider retains the distinctive fruity aromatic character or ripe bittersweet apples whilst being crisp light and refreshing. Sip or quaff, we don't mind, as long as you enjoy it. Cheers!
A blend of Frome Valley Dry Cider with concentrated apple juice which gives added sweetness and a fruitier flavour.
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