Franziskaner Kristal Weissbier
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Franziskaner Kristal Weissbier

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Franziskaner was founded by the same family as Spaten and is a Munich brewery with plenty of history and plenty to offer, although not with the same world famous reputation as its sibling. The Franziskaner Kristal Weissbier provides a refreshing wheat beer taste without the yeast to haze the beer, leading to the name crystal, because of its clean appearance in comparison to usual wheat beers. It has malts from both wheat and barley as well as local hops from Munich which, along with the top fermenting yeast strain and its own well 200m below to provide the water, result in a top quality beer with great ingredients leading to a superb taste.




It appears crystal clear pale yellow in colour with a white froth. The aroma is a fresh and tart scent that lures you into the first sip. The sparkling and refreshing flavours are evident on the palate along with a semi-dry fruity taste with the tart coming back in the finish. A lively companion for fish, this is an ideal thirst quencher.
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