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Firestarter Vodka

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Firestarter Vodka is a uniquely bottled vodka using packaging that is styled after a fire extinguisher. Firestarter Vodka is produced with the very best in winter wheat which comes from Moldova.

During its distillation process it is filtered five times which results in this vodka have a brilliantly high quality, smooth and pure taste. The vodka is crystal clear in colour and gives off the aroma of sweet grains along with tones of wet river stones and spring flowers. The taste is that of a silky vodka with elements of sweetness, due to this being a wheat produced vodka.

While Firestarter Vodka is enjoyable neat, it is also ideal for enjoying with mixers, which makes it perfect for parties and bars.

The fire extinguisher bottle design has an easy to use twisted lid, however this bottle is not compressed so it won’t come out like a normal canister. Firestarter Vodka simply slowly pours out, making it ideal for bartenders.

Great for Halloween.

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