Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin
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Ferdinands Saar Dry Gin

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Carefully hand picked Riesling grapes from the steep, shale slopes of the Zilliken estate on the Saarburger Ruasch site make Ferdinands Sarr Dry gin.

The hand picked herbs, spices and fruits used are delicately balanced and are mostly cultivated by Ferdinands.



Quince trees grow directly behind the distillery, producing richly flavoured fruit. Lavender is picked from fallow vineyards in the Konzer Talchen valley and lemon scented thyme is grown in their garden.



Alongside juniper, other regional ingredients include sloe, rosehip, angelica, hop blossom and rose, as well as almond shell, coriander and ginger.

The craftsmanship of their master distiller and over 30 finely balanced botanicals result in a high quality gin that promises supreme drinking pleasure.


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