Erdinger Hefe-Weissbier
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Erdinger Hefe-Weissbier

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Straight from Erding, Germany, Erdinger is now one of the biggest Germany weissbiers on the market. It is exported across the globe and they produce several high quality beers. One of them just happens to be this one you’re reading about right now. Out on its own as one of the best weissbiers around, Erdinger Weissbier uses only the finest raw ingredients to guarantee its unmistakable taste. It uses a fine yeast and is bottle fermented for three to four weeks after adhering to the Bavarian purity laws.

It pours gold in colour with a thick head. The aroma is that of mildly spicy wheat blending harmoniously with gently bitter hops. The carbonation of the beer ensures its full bodied and elegant character that epitomises Bavarian enjoyment and produces a truly unique and high quality wheat beer. It can be a wonderful companion with all meals. Salads, white meats, cheese and even desserts can be paired with the beverage and make your meal even more delicious, or, at 5.3%, simply to enjoy on its own.

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