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Elephant Gin

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Elephant Gin is a handcrafted premium gin that is produced near Hamburg in Germany where they keep the style of the gin to the definition of a London Dry Gin. The great taste of Elephant Gin comes from the distilling process where they use natural botanicals, shunning the use of artificial flavourings or sweeteners after distillation to make sure that this is as naturally flavoured as possible.

Elephant Gin is produced in small batches of between 600 to 700 bottles using the traditional method of copper still distillation. The ingredients used are hand selected where they are used in the one-shot method, which is where they are left to macerate for a day. This results in the best extraction of flavours. To make sure that they produce only they highest standard and purist quality gin they do regular tastings which also ensures that any impurities are removed.

The aroma of Elephant Gin gives you hints of juniper along with pine and herbaceous notes. There are some lovely floral, fruity and spicy flavours while the taste is quite complex but also brilliantly smooth.



The great taste means that it can be drunk straight or even in a cocktail.

While the gin is made to the highest standard, the bottle is also made to showcase its quality due to it being custom-made, along with hand-written labels and embossed crest. They use natural cork that comes from Portugal where it is harvested every seven years. Each batch of Elephant Gin is named after past great tuskers or elephants that its partner foundations help to protect.


The great passion that has gone into creating Elephant Dry Gin led them to being the 2016 Spirit of the Year at the World Spirits Award which is a great accomplishment.


It is also worth mention that the company gives 15% of the profits made from its sales goes towards two African elephant foundations to support the preservation of wildlife in the country.
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