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How many girls do you know that like whisky?



Thats exactly what we were thinking at the turn of the millennium.



Back then the cream liqueur market was dominated by one big brand.



Where was the choice we cried?



Imagine a world where girls are only offered only one type of shoe or one style of haircut.



It doesnt bear thinking about!


So like a breath of fresh air the taste of Dooleys was born.



Fresh cream infused with toffee and caramel it introduced a lighter more decadent taste.



Out went the harsh, heavy whisky, in came pure premium vodka.

Its not all that sets us apart either.



Dooleys contains 50% less fat than most other cream liqueurs. Its why Dooleys has a delicate texture without compromising on the taste or your hips!



Because of its lower fat content it doesnt have to be kept chilled which is why you wont find it in the fridge in the supermarket. However once opened we recommend you keep it chilled ready to treat yourself and your friends... depending how generous youre feeling!
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