Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold
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Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold

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Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold Whisky is distilled at Dalwhinnie, Scotland’s highest and coldest distillery. Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold was first produced in 2015 and was inspired by the cold climate of the distillery’s location.

The label on the bottles states that it is “crafted by the cold” which is a reference to the fact they only use spirit that has been distilled in the months from October to March. The result of this distilling process is a lovely golden spirit that has a smooth honey taste with tones of spice.

For the best taste we highly recommend serving Dalwhinnie Winter's Gold straight from the freezer after it has been left in there for 24 hours along with a super chilled glass. What you should find is that when the glass warms up the whisky should show it true richness and sweetness.

It’s ideally paired with creme brulee or if you don’t like that, try it with bread and butter pudding.

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