Crabbies Green Ginger Wine
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Crabbies Green Ginger Wine

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Crabbies Green Ginger Wine is a fusion of oriental ingredients and Scottish ingenuity. John Crabbie, who first created the recipe, used the elephant trademark to celebrate the Scottish merchants who pioneered trade with the East to get the herbs, fruits and spices that are still used in the wine today. Other ingredients include lemon, orange zest and wild cowslip to go along with the cinnamon and cloves from Asia.


His recipe was one that requires a bit of patience, and he stood by the notion that the wine must be steeped in ginger for eight weeks, no more, no less. It is well-balanced between the sweetness of the wine and heat from the ginger. The end product is a smooth taste that can be enjoyed over ice or as an aperitif with other spirits. This secret recipe really must be tasted to be believed.
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