Cornish Orchards

Cornish Orchards
Cornish Orchards came about as a result of an ordinary yet unforgettable activity that dates back to 1992. With his herd of dairy cattle, Andy Atkinson landed at Westnorth Manor Farm. This farm was known as Westnarth in the 15th century and forms part of Cornwall Estate. As he arrived, there was a concerted effort by Cornwall Council to replant and restore traditional orchards in the area and Andy planted three of them in his farm. Within no time, he had one of the largest Cornish orchard assortments wherein wildlife and birds found a safe haven. Enchanted by this, Andy brewed cider from the apples and hand-labeled his first Cornish Cider drink brand. This he sold to other farmers in the area and he quickly noted that a business was fast taking shape. More than 20 local staff are now earning a decent livelihood and ensuring that consumers are provided with the best quality cider products. Andy gave up his cattle.

The ABC of the drink
Selecting the highest quality of cider apples sets the ball rolling in the process of making Cornish Orchards Cider drink. The process of blending and fermentation is done through carefully monitored sequential actions to ensure highest potency and strength of the cider drink. The process involves only natural ingredients without adding any other artificial flavours or colours. Different variants of cider apples are used such that there will be different resultant tastes. Cornish Orchards therefore derive their reputation from conducting the production process in the highest of professionalism and laser-specific flawless manner.

Resultant unique flavours
Cornish Orchards boast of a wide range of cider drink flavours. Among the most prominent include Cornish Gold Cider, Farmhouse Cider, Vintage Cider 2011, Heritage Cider, Pear Cider, and Blush Cider among many other flavours. They also produce apple juice and ginger beer. In this way, you cannot miss a flavour that will quench your thirst and satisfy your soul.

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