Casillero Del Diablo Brut Reserva
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Casillero Del Diablo Brut Reserva

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Sparkling wines can be made all over the world and from a variety of different grape types. They are made by encouraging a second fermentation in the wine by the addition of some sugar and yeast. This creates carbon dioxide - the essential bubbles.

One of the classic grapes used to make fizz is Chardonnay which makes delicious sparkling wine, full of crisp, fresh-fruit flavours. In this wine the crisp flavours of lemon and lime are balanced by fresh mineral notes to give a pleasant finish.

Traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif. Try with fresh seafood dishes such as pan fried scallops. Sparkling wine also pairs excellently with sushi as the bubbles cut through the fiery wasabi and complement the oily fish.


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