Carlton Draught (BB Date 01/05/17)
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Carlton Draught (BB Date 01/05/17)

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One of Australia’s largest tap beers, Carlton Draught has made it half the way around the world in a bottle, quite an achievement for a beer that prides itself on its fresh taste and of course has draught in the name. The strength was reduced from 5.0% to 4.6% in 2003 in response to the government raising tax on alcohol; however this hasn’t stopped Carlton producing a full bodied lager.

The beer uses Australian sun-ripened barley malt and is hopped with Carlton’s own ‘Pride’ hop variety. This mixes the smoothness of the malt with the distinctive hop edge to create a mid-palate flavour balanced with a refreshing aftertaste. Carlton Draught combines well with spicy food or proper pub grub, which compliments the dry finish.

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