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Cariel Vodka

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Whereas most vanilla vodkas are merely an addition on the distilleries own vodka, Cariel Vodka is different as it is the core of the distilleries focus, with their aim only to produce and showcase the best vanilla vodka in the world. It is made by blending barley spirit with pure spring water and, of course, includes natural vanilla extract. This triple distilled Swedish vodka is well balanced with the sweetness of the vanilla soothing the edge of the vodka.


The colour of Cariel is a light golden haze as a direct result of the vanilla and it has a powerful aroma to enjoy. The vanilla is at the forefront of the palate with a hint of hazelnut and a sweet lengthy finish. Best enjoyed chilled and can be served neat as a shooter or as a mixer with juice or soft drinks. It also makes a very good white Russian.
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