Caorunn Small Batch Scottish Gin 700ml
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Caorunn Small Batch Scottish Gin 700ml

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Infusing eleven botanicals in our unique copper berry chamber we harness Scotlands unique natural resources and age old botanicals. The fabled rowan berry forms the very soul of our gin. Caorunn, pronounced Ka-roon is the Gaelic word for rowan berry that has inspired Celtic medicines and recipes for generations.


Caorunn is a dry and crisp, aromatic taste adventure with a long, dry finish. It appears perfectly clear like pure Scottish water.


With a fresh, floral, citrus and slightly spicy and aromatic aroma. The flavour is clean and crisp, sweet, full bodied and aromatic with an invigorating, long lasting, refreshing, crisp and slightly dry finish.

Caorunn Gin is infused with five Celtic botanicals, including the fabled rowan berry and six traditional botanicals, including juniper berries, orange peel and coriander seed.


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