Campbells Rutherglen Muscat
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Campbells Rutherglen Muscat

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The heritage of Campbells goes back to 1870, when Scotsman John Campbell started producing vintage wine from his Australian vineyard. This venture of his quickly bloomed until his vineyards became infested with phylloxera and destroyed the plants. John’s son David took over the business and introduced an American vine variety that was resistant to the disease. By the 1930’s the family had 18 hectares of flourishing vines. Since this point the company has gone from strength to strength and even today are still owned by the Campbell family.

This muscat is bright amber is appearance, with the aroma of fresh raisin fruits and grape spirit filling the nose. The lingering flavour is that of sun-ripened fruit with vanilla notes. This is a well-balanced wine with tannin countering the sweetness of the fruit. This can be paired well with blue cheese or plum pudding. The quality of the wine is assured by bearing the mark of the ‘Muscats of Rutherglen’ which are only awarded to the best vineyards sourced from the Rutherglen Wine Region, which signatures are a complex yet elegant and rich taste. 

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