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Bulldog Gin

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Bulldog London Dry Gin is not your grandfathers gin. Bulldog Gin is a multi-award winning, super premium gin handcrafted at an English distillery that has been making the highest quality gin for over 250 years. The exotic botanicals and high quality ingredients combined with the quadruple distillation process allow our product to defy convention.

Bulldog is infused with twelve botanicals from eight countries including French lavender, Chinese lotus leaves, Turkish white poppy, Dragon Eye (cousin of the lychee fruit that has long been heralded as an aphrodisiac in Chine) and organically farmed juniper from Tuscany, Italy. Made with the highest quality wheat from the fertile East Anglia region of England and the purest fresh water from Wales, Bulldog is crafted by hand using the time honoured tradition of copper pot distillation.

To maintain consistency, Bulldogs all natural botanicals are all handpicked and sourced from the same region every year. With its balanced flavour and crisp character, it is incredibly versatile, making it the only gin in the world that is ideal for mixed cocktails and sipping straight. Moreover, Bulldog is vegan friendly, certified Kosher and guaranteed to set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Bulldog is a mesmerising gin that lingers on the memory like an unforgettable perfume. The crystal clear spirit has a medium weight, oily textured body and a wafting, rather exotic bouquet imbued with the aromas of juniper, citrus and fresh herbs. Its a singular pleasure in every respect Bulldog Gin is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.



Robert Plotkin, Americancocktails.com.



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