Buckbean Original Orange Blossom Ale
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Buckbean Original Orange Blossom Ale

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Orange Blossom Ale. Inspired by the rich fragrance of blooming orange groves, this copper coloured ale combines the flavour and aroma of real orange tree flowers with a well balanced, full flavoured ale to produce a real treat for the senses. Munich and light Caramel malts produce a smooth, creamy malt complexity, and American hops give the beer a bright, refreshing bitterness and dry finish. The orange blossom aroma blends superbly with the other beer flavours, providing a unique dimension that is the perfect complement to tangy, herbal or spicy foods, soft cheeses or pastries.

This beer has been imported as a one off special and due to very small quantities, once they are gone they are gone and are unlikely to be available again.
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