Brooklyn Improved Old Fashioned
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Brooklyn Improved Old Fashioned

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Whilst the modern cocktail emerged in the 19th century, the original was the Old Fashioned. The Old Fashioned was a deceptively simple drink made up of whiskey, sugar and bitters, usually with some added citrus peel. By the 1860’s, bartenders were looking to make names for themselves and would often make a change to an existing cocktail by adding a further ingredient. The new version would then be referred to as “improved”.

Brooklyn have taken this one step further by improving the Old Fashioned by making it into a beer. Improved Old Fashioned is a strong rye beer with various spices and peels which has then been aged in WhistlePig rye whiskey barrels. On the palate silky spicy rye greets with a firm herbal bitterness, bright citrus notes and sweet, warm oak.

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