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Brooklyn Half Ale

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Brooklyn do not do things by halves which is why it’s no surprise their Half Ale is a saison full of flavour. Back in the day, as my elderly neighbour says, a half ale-or farmhouse ale, was used for day drinking by those working out in the sun being labourers and farmhands and such. These saisons are complex yet easy drinking, committed to totally refresh without the high alcohol content. On a scene where a low ABV often means low flavour, allow Brooklyns Half Ale to surprise you.

This was created by Brooklyn’s Beer Programme, meaning a member of the brewing team picks the beer, rather than the Brew master or Head brewer. It has an ABV of just 3.4%, but packed into this beer is Perle, Simcoe, Amarillo and Sorachi Ace. The malts used to balance are German and a Belgian Yeast rounds off the ingredients. This is an unfiltered ale with citrus notes on the palate, finishing off the dry Half Ale. It can be paired excellently with fish, salads and cheeses or with a second bottle, to make a whole ale? This has a bite much bigger than its bark and is the perfect reward for a hard day’s work or even if you’re just thinking about work.

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