Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery

In 1984, Steve Hindy had returned from a stint as a war correspondent in the Middle East. He had faced explosions, fatalities and kidnap but he says the biggest impact on his life was discovering home brewing. Having never have taken the easy option, he decided to start his own brewing business. Brooklyn is at the heart of the American dream and Steve Hindy was determined for a shot at success. After all, Steve says, the easy option is never fun. He was a good friend with his downstairs neighbour, Tom Potter who later on quit his job and founded the brewery. In 1994 the pair hired highly respected brew master, Garret Oliver who was well known for his innovation and pioneering spirit. Garret Oliver lived up to his reputation and created many special and seasonal beers. Phoenix/Beehive, the respected distributor of Heineken, Guinness and Miller, now distributes Brooklyn Brewery. Tom Potter sold his share to the Otterway family whose roots were in Brooklyn and today the Brewery is finishing major expansion in order to keep up with such a huge demand from its loyal customers.

How it’s made

Brooklyn Brewery produces their beautiful beers through a long and slow maturation, ensuring a flavoursome finish. Using the British technique, they steep the beer with dry hopping. The popular beer, Brooklyn brown Ale, is made from two row British malts, aromatic Belgian malts and also American roasted malts. 

The taste

Brooklyn Brewery Beers accommodate many foods and are great for accentuating flavours such as chicken.  The smooth, refreshing bubbles cleanse the palate and accommodate cheeses well. Although delicious when newly bottled, some of the beers can be aged like a fine wine. Other variations of the beer include light and zesty flavours such as Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, which bursts with a spicy lemongrass aroma, sure to refresh. 

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