Brewdog Kingpin Lager (BB Date 22/11/17)
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Brewdog Kingpin Lager (BB Date 22/11/17)

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Item Description

Kingpin is a lager from Brewdog brewed to put lager back on top.



Kingpin is brewed with a robust, full bodied malt character upon which the hopload is layered. A balance of Pilsner, Munich, Cara and Pale malts have been used as a baseline and acts as a showcase for the Magnum and Perle hop bill. Quintessentially Germanic, they add floral notes and spicy bitterness with the Magnum adding an intensity to the lager, resulting in an assertive pilsner style bitterness to the finish.

Kingpin pours a crystal clear gold with a creamy white head. Dry cereal and biscuit notes in the aroma with a robust malt character on the palate, followed by spicy citrus notes and an assertive bitter finish.


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