Bramley and Gage Quince Liqueur
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Bramley and Gage Quince Liqueur

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Bramley and Gage’s Quince Liqueur is made using the Vranga and Meecher’s Prolific varieties grown in Essex.

The quince is a rare and fragrant fruit related to pears and apples. With a soft honey nose, balanced natural acidity and sweetness, this quince liqueur is the perfect accompaniment to rich foods and strong cheese. With aromas of dates and figs it makes a delicious alternative to a dessert wine.

In 2008 Quince Liquer was one of only 17 drinks in the UK to win a 2008 Quality Drinks Award. Nominated in the Local Drinks category which is restricted to UK produced products with labelling that refers to local content.   It was described by one judge as “It’s a good after dinner liqueur. It’s sweet and not very harsh and easy drinking”. 

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