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Bols Dry Orange

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Bols Dry Orange Curacao is a dark orange liqueur flavoured with distillates of Curacao orange peels and a hint of rum. It leaves fine citrus on the palate, balanced by fruity sweetness for a dry and firm finish. The colour suggests a bright full bodied liqueur, rich and full of flavour. Dry Orange Curacao is one of the old Bols liqueurs of which various recipes were in use in the past. It was introduced at the World Exhibition in Antwerp in 1885 when a journalist described it as: Nectar of the gods, distilled from sweet sugar from the West (Indies).Sometimes overshadowed by the success of Triple Sec Curacao, Dry Orange is nonetheless the only ingredient to use for some of the worlds most important rum cocktails, like the Mai Tai.

Bols Dry Orange Curacao is itself based on a molasses distillate, and mixes far better in cocktails than grain or brandy-based liqueurs. This liqueur is famous for its unparalleled aroma and taste and its beautiful deep orange glow.
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