Lowenbrau Hefe Weiss (Reduced to Clear)
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Lowenbrau Hefe Weiss (Reduced to Clear)

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It is difficult to pinpoint the exact date that Lowenbrau began its journey, but the earliest documented reference to an Inn called ‘Zur Lowen’ showed that beer was being brewed at 17 Löwenbruge Straße back in 1383. As was standard practice back then, the landlord brewed his own beer and it is from this place and time that the brewery grew from strength to strength to the global powerhouse it is today. 1746 is the first mention of Lowenbrau in the Munich tax records as a brewery and a move to a larger residence in 1851 paved the way for Lowenbrau and its famous Lion logo to produce a quarter of the entire cities’ output just twelve years later in 1863. The brewery was destroyed in 1945 by an air raid carried out by the Allies. Once rebuilt, it began to distribute internationally to be known as one of the big six Munich breweries, with their beers backing up such a prestigious title.

The Lowenbrau Hefe Weiss weighs in at 5.1% and is a top fermenting brew. It appears a golden yellow in colour with the wheat evident on the nose. It has a gentle taste but a full body and refreshes in the pronounced finish. Its fresh and tangy taste is a result of the finest ingredients to produce a typically Munchen beverage.

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