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Black Mountain Brewing

Where cold beer is essential, eccentric (and often called crazy) Ed Chilleen created his Chili beer in the Cave Creek in Arizona. Rumour has it that Crazy Ed earned his name after riding naked on his motorbike through Arizona, however he actually got his name after applying for his first bank loan in order to open a restaurant. The bank manager called him crazy and the name hasn’t left him since. He began to homebrew his beer in 1992 when a strange idea came to him. Why not drop a chili into the beer to really spice things up? The town grew suspicious as a truckload of brewing equipment arrived in the remote desert where the population was scarce. The combination of a chili pepper and beer dumfounded the town and beer fanatics from all over travelled to experience the intense taste.  Although Cave Creek is now closed, lizard loving Ed Chilleen’s legacy lives on. Currently made in Mexico, Chili Beer is distributed world wide, ensuring no one goes without an essential cold beer.

How it’s made

Made from an esteemed and honoured variety of Saaz hops, Black Mountain Chili Beer is fermented in open tanks in a sealed room using an old fashioned German process. The barley used to create the beer is imported from Northern Washington and everything is hand made, ensuring pepper infused perfection. The first chili to be tested with the beer was so hot that Crazy Ed quotes that it would knock your hat off into the creed and so when sourcing his famous chili peppers, only the best will do.

The taste

Like a rattlesnake, it has a bite. With a no limes allowed approach, the intense kick from the beer is a taste that is either loved or frightened of. The chilies have hybrid seeds that are 50% less hot than a regular pepper, perfect for a powerful yet refreshing ride of flavour.

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