Berentzen Apfelkorn 3 Litre
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Berentzen Apfelkorn 3 Litre

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In case our 700ml or 1L Berentzen Apfelkorn just isn’t quite big enough, you’ll be relieved to know that they have all bases covered. A massive 3L version of your favourite apple schnapps is available to purchase and is perfect to showcase or for a special occasion.

Toffee apple and caramel on the nose and a full apple flavour, somewhat unsurprisingly, the Gala and Golden Delicious varieties apparent. Easy drinking with no harshness from the alcohol.

At 18% this liqueur has delivered time and time again and is a credit to Berentzen, who have produced the top quality range since 1758. It is delicious to enjoy on its own or chilled and mixed with lemonade or fruit juice.

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