Beefeater 24 Gin
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Beefeater 24 Gin

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Like a typical London day it began with tea.


The father of Beefeater founder, James Burrough, was a prominent tea merchant. When Desmond Payne, our master distiller, stumbled across a fragment of one of his early Victorian price lists, inspiration struck.


It takes just one full London day to give Beefeater 24 its unique character. For 24 hours the fins exotic botanicals, which include rare Japanese Sencha tea and aromatic Chinese green tea, are gently steeped together. The flavour-enriched spirit is then slowly distilled in traditional pot stills, to create a gin that is subtle, scented and sensuously smooth. While London parties into the night, Beefeater 24 rests.

Beefeater 24 comes in a handsomely designed bottle that stylishly combines the old and the new. The decorative botanical design on the bottle has its roots in to the Arts and Crafts era of the early 20th century. But the elegantly cool lines of the bottle itself are unmistakeably of our time.


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