Beavertown Smog Rocket (BB Date 29/05/18)
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Beavertown Smog Rocket (BB Date 29/05/18)

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With brewing first taking place in 2011, Beavertown has quickly grown from a team of 9 to over 40.  Based in Tottenham Hale, London, every aspect of the brewing process is meticulously considered and they strive to attain the highest quality in all of their beers. 

Smog Rocket is a smoke porter, inspired by London’s Industrial Revolution when smog filled the air and the porter was the beer of the people. Beavertown have used an original home brew recipe using nine different malts, including a large amount of smoked ‘Rauchmaltz’ from Germany.  

Smog Rocket is almost black in colour with a big aroma of molasses, raisins and caramel which is cut through with resinous American Chinook hops.  

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