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Ballantines Brasil

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2014 saw the release of Ballantines Brasil, a whisky liqueur blended with Brazilian limes to create a liqueur great to consume on its own or in cocktails. Scottish tradition with Brazilian passion see this combination work effortlessly in American oak barrels before being blended back in Ballantines to produce the latest addition to the ever-growing whisky liqueur family.

Described as stimulating on the nose, with vanilla and the creamy scotch notes perfectly balancing the lime this is a soft tasting liqueur with the prominent lime on the palate as well as the signature well-balanced scotch. A dry finish prolonged by the lime concludes this bright gold beverage.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy this spirit, but the ‘Highland Samba’ has quickly been considered a signature serve. This mixes the Ballantines Brasil with lemonade, served over ice with two slices of lime. Other combinations of cocktails are encouraged, making this a new favourite for loyal whisky tasters and a new discovery for those who are trying to get a taste of what whisky is all about.

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