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Bacardi 151

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Bacardi 151 is one of the world’s best known over proofed rum that has a remarkable ABV of 75.5%, compare this to other rums that have about 35-40%, and it makes this one unique rum.

Bacardi 151 was produced by Bacardi with the aim of supplying rum to those people that wanted a traditionally produced rum with a brilliant taste. They distill from fermented molasses, which is then left to age for at least one year.

This drink is not for the faint hearted and we recommend not to drink it straight but instead enjoy in cocktails or with mixers.

Due to the over proofing of this rum it is in fact not available in several countries as it’ is classed as being too high in alcohol content.

If you know your science then you know high proof drinks are highly flammable (so be very careful when around flames), which makes Bacardi 151 ideal for flaming cocktails like a Flaming Dr. Pepper.

We want to be completely honest this is a very strong drink so should be drunk to be enjoyed not to get . PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY.

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