Ayinger Leichte Brau Weisse
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Ayinger Leichte Brau Weisse

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Ayinger is a brewery with a 130 year history, and everything it has learnt in that time is evident in each and every one of its brews, and the Ayinger Leichte Brau Weisse is no different. For those who aren’t fluent in German, it is a lightly brewed wheat beer from Ayinger. Weighing in at just 3.2%, this is a lighter version of Ayinger’s flagship beverage, the Brauweisse. The difference between the two is that less of the top quality malts and hops are used in the production of the beer therefore diluting it from its full strength.

This is relatively dark, amber even in colour. It is a cloudy wheat beer with the yeast hazing the texture of the beer as well as impacting the taste and smell. It is also lower in calories as well as ABV but with just as much flavour as a regular wheat beer. It is ideally served at 8 degrees Celsius and can be paired well with salads, fish and white meats. This is a full bodied beer that allows the consumer to enjoy maximum refreshment with zero guilt.

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