Appleton White Jamaican Rum
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Appleton White Jamaican Rum

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Appleton White rums arent mass-produced, theyre hand-crafted, aged and filtered slowly through special charcoal. This results in a smooth, brilliantly clear and light bodied rum with a subtle taste and delicate aroma.

Rum drinkers the world over appreciate the mixability of Appleton White, the perfect complement to fruit juices and coladas. Clearly, the right choice for those who appreciate a quality, hand-crafted white rum. Anything vodka and gin can do, Appleton White can do better.

Brilliantly clear in appearance with a light fruity bouquet with coconut, pear, lychee and vanilla notes. This rum is crisp and clean with a velvety mouth-feel. The perfect complement to fruit juices, cola, tonic.
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