Anchorage Brewing Co

Anchorage brewing Company is the brilliant brainchild of the internationally recognized brewer Gabe Fletcher. A new kid on the block, it is one of the newest breweries to have opened in Alaska. Gabe Fletcher had a passion for beer fermenting and spent thirteen years studying brewing alchemy and designing tasty, eccentric beers. He followed his heart and his palate and began creating his own beer operation in a space under another brewing Company. The small yet popular business blurs the lines between traditional and new styles of beer brewing procedures.

 How it’s made

Anchorage Brewing specializes in barrel fermentation and brettanomyces. Their ales are triple fermented in a unique process using 200 oak barrels unlike other breweries that use standard stainless steel cylindrical tanks.  They can also boast a state of the art cork and bail bottling system to package their six variations of brews. They even paint their bottles in comparison to paper labels, ensuring an authentic and distinctive look.

The taste

The swirling flavors in the ales beg for a repeat taster and will leave you wondering why you haven’t tried this unique, sought after product before.  The wheat-based beers are amply accented with ingredients that tease the pallet. The refreshing yet light hints of lemon cream pie hops flow from the lips to the taste buds in a wave of flavor. This is a beverage that refuses to be ignored and screams of enjoyment.  Black peppercorn and Indian coriander surprise and enlighten the senses and take you back to a time of adventure and discovery. 

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