Anchor Brewery

Anchor Brewery

With a pioneering spirit and a reverence for classical brewing, Anchor has proudly produced beer and ale for over 163 years.The rich history of Anchor began in 1849. Seeking success, German brew master, Gottlieb Brekle arrived in San Francisco with passion for creating distinctive tastes and $3,500 dollars to burn in his pocket.  He purchased an old beer-and-billiards saloon on Pacific Street and began to create what would later be a time-honored craft. Great misfortune, an earthquake and prohibition, shook up Anchor, which was effectively shut down. San Francisco eagerly awaited the return of Anchor and as luck would have it, thirteen years later as new owner Joe Krauss reopened his brewery, it went up in flames. After years of surviving vast challenges, Anchor was set to disappear forever. A Stanford grad named Fritz Maytag, hears that his favorite beer is about to disappear and sets out to rescue his beloved brewery. Through traditional and modern methods, Maytag’s innovation leads a brewing revolution in San Francisco.

 How it’s made

Boasting naturally brewed bubbles from ancient practices including krausening and bunging, Anchor combines traditional and natural brewing with craft and current methods. Handmade and still produced in a classical copper brew house, Anchor is the first brewery in the world with it’s own distillery. Using state of the art quality control systems and open fermenting pans, Anchor’s contrasting methods produce an inspired recipe.

A unique flavor

Through decades of evolution and determination, Anchor has produced unique, thirst quenching flavors that awaken the taste buds. Each beer and ale is carefully crafted with fresh, whole cone hops and natural ingredients to ensure a rich fragranced and deep flavored taste. With several varieties, ranging from crisp, clean and fruitful flavours that compliment a summers evening, to rich, intensive flavours which enhance the depth of the traditional taste, Anchor is at the heart of American beer. 

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