AleSmith Brewing Company

Anything but ordinary, Alesmith brewery specializes in hand crafted ales that order appreciation for outstanding beer. Voted by The Times as third place in a blind taste test, this quirky yet passionate team has proven to be stiff competition for other brewers.  Home brewer and beer fanatic Peter Zien created Alesmith in San Diego, 1995. With a certified beer judge and a former president of the home brewing club at the forefront of the company, Alesmith Ales have been crafted through experience, quality and innovation.

The craft

Rooted in the amateur and craft brewing communities, Alesmith Brewing Company prides itself on its premier status. Known for striving to provide variety, tantalizing complexity and drinkability, this artisan microbrewery has created tastes that mystify.

The taste

With a diverse range to offer, Alesmith has ale to suit all seasons. Whether it is clean malt flavors with tangy hop tones or quenching bursts of zesty orange peel for summer sizzles. Or perhaps a golden colored, full bodied, toasty winter ale sure to warm the coldest of winter nights. The heart of Alesmith is Horny Devil Ale creator, Tod Fitzsimmons, whose dynamic and enthusiastic thinking has led to the famous and award winning tastes of Evil Dead Red and other seasonal beverages. Ale enthusiasts from around the world have raved about the complex tastes and twists of coriander, chocolate and caramel that make their ales difficult to forget. The tones and flavors created by the team of beer and ale fanatics are irresistibly tempting.

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