Agwa de Bolivia
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Agwa de Bolivia

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Agwa de Bolivia is a made using distillates like Bolivian coca leaves, Chinese ginseng and Brazilian guarana which gives it a brilliant unique taste. The Bolivian coca leaves



used in this liqueur are picked in the Andes where they are put into bales before being shipped to Amsterdam in the Netherlands.



Once they arrive in Amsterdam, the coca leaves are then macerated and distilled with a blend of 36 other natural herbs and other botanicals.



This distillation process creates a complex array of flavours that work together to make Agwa de Bolivia a very distinctive liqueur.
The taste of Agwa de Bolivia is bitter yet sweet with distinctive flavours of South America, especially those of coca leaf.

Our recommendation is that Agwa is perfect with a mixer and is ideal with any coca leaf or lime cocktails, you could also try it on the rocks if you wanted.
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